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Hadrian Primary School

"Pupils enjoy coming to school everyday, they are highly motivated and leaders and teachers are enthusiastic about providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils" Ofsted 2022

Be Unique;Believe, Achieve, Succeed Together

Year 1/2 Miss Wilkinson

Welcome to Class 3!


Class 3 is a Reception and Year 1 class, Mrs Carr is the teacher and Mrs Waters, Mrs Noble and Miss Boner are the teaching assistants. We work closely with Mrs Donnelly and Class 2.


Reception Children:

Our Day:

We start the day with Phonics (learning sounds) to help the children with their reading and writing.

After phonics it's planning time where the children choose where they would like to learn. They can choose from a range of learning areas both indoors and outdoors, such as writing, creative, construction, role play and number. Activities in these areas are based on objectives for the term and the children's interests.

After a run around outside, we have a short handwriting session, focused on letter formation.

We finish the morning with focused Literacy and Maths activities, children working one to one or in a small group with an teacher. 

In the afternoon we start with an active numeracy session. We then continue with more planning and small group work covering a range of curriculum areas. We finish the day with basic skills activities, guided reading sessions and a story just before home.


Our Week:

Monday at 3pm is an opportunity for parents to visit the school library with their children and choose a book to take home for the week. On Friday the whole class go to the library to choose a new book. Please ensure your child has returned their library book before then so it can be changed.

Wednesday is PE day. Please ensure your child has a PE kit to leave in school for the full half term. Their PE should include a white t-shirt, blue shorts and a pair of plimsoles. All PE kit needs to have their name in. Please remove all earrings for that day.


Summer Term Topics:

· Local Area

· Types of homes—Three little pigs

· Visit a place of worship

· Healthy eating

· Summer and seasonal changes

· The seaside

· The farm and baby animals

· Toys in the past

· PE—Sports day games

· Children’s interests



 Reception Literacy Focus:

· Speaking and listening skills.

· Making up own stories.

· Reading and understanding short sentences.

· Writing short sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

· Writing short stories.



Reception Numeracy Focus:

· Ordering and writing numbers to 20.

· Mental recall of one more/less to 20.

· Add and subtract a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number using a number line.

· Doubling and halving

· Counting in 2s and 10s.




Year 1 Children:

Our Day:

We start the day with Phonics (learning sounds) to help the children with their reading and writing.

After phonics the will go to another classroom with Mrs Carr. First there will be a session of guided reading, then into literacy. Literacy lessons will involve some focused work and some literacy based planning. Next it is playtime outside with the rest of the school.

After playtime children are back in the classroom for a maths lesson, again involving some focused worked and some maths based planning.

In the afternoon, they will join reception children for a focused active maths session (a group will be taken out that are at a higher level). Then it is planning time, with objective tailored to the children's level. We finish the day with basic skills activities.


Year 1 Literacy Focus:

· Writing in sentences

· Character descriptions

· Inference

· Information texts and recounts

· Poetry

· Correct letter formation and sizing, entry strokes on letters

SPAG - Year 1 spellings, capital letters for personal pronoun I and names, prefixes and suffixes and punctuation.


Year 1 Numeracy Focus:

· Numbers and place value

· Number bonds to 10

· Problem solving

· Multiplication and division—counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

· Mental addition and subtraction

· Fractions

· Shape




Story Yoga - Great fun!

Felix Pascua! - Happy Easter! We took part in some Easter crafts to learn about Spanish Easter with Mrs Buzzard.

Our NSPCC sponsored activities - Thank you for the sponsorship money!

Hot Wheels junk modelling and fantastic labels!

Our Beanstalk News Reports!

Still image for this video
Our Class Ted sold his bike for some magic beans. We decided Ted should plant them and the next day, a beanstalk had grown in our classroom! This is our news report to tell the everyone about what happened.


Still image for this video