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Children return to school after the summer break on Tuesday 3rd September
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Hadrian Primary School

"Pupils enjoy coming to school everyday, they are highly motivated and leaders and teachers are enthusiastic about providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils" Ofsted 2022

Be Unique;Believe, Achieve, Succeed Together


Thinking about what Jesus taught his followers about helping others using the story ‘sheep or goats’ from Matthew 25

Exploring the idea of ‘good deeds’

Learning about the good work that Christian Aid do around the world

Exploring the idea of Zakat in Islam

Exploring how Jewish people show care for others

Making our own Tsedakah boxes

Thinking about how Jesus is portrayed in images

Thinking about how Jesus is portrayed in images and what that tells us about people’s beliefs about him

Finding out what people thought about Jesus as a person from the Gospels

Exploring people’s views of Jesus from the Bible

Unpicking symbolic language used to describe Jesus

Spring- Exploring the story of Rama and Sita

Thinking about how the Diya is an important part of the Diwali story

Diwali preparations

Creating Diwali Rangoli patterns

Learning about the goddess Lakshmi

End of unit quiz

Learning about Shrove Tuesday

Exploring how Christians observe Lent

Reflecting on our learning about Lent