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We wish all of our children and families a wonderful summer break. School reopens for the Autumn term on Tuesday 7th September.
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Welcome to Hadrian's PE Curriculum page!!!


At Hadrian, all pupils have the right to experience a variety of opportunities to participate in physical activity and sport across the whole curriculum. We recognise the importance of sport in every aspect of daily life and new government initiatives relating to children completing 60 minutes of activity each day, are vital in allowing children to increase their levels of physical activity at school and through after school sports provision. When children leave Hadrian at the end of Year 6, our aim is to make sure they have been given the opportunities to develop and improve basic PE skills in a range of different sports. Not only can it teach children about developing important skills and keeping themselves healthy, but also about problem solving, self-assessment (identifying their strengths), communication, team work and competitiveness which can be carried across all the different subjects in the curriculum. Building vital skills, whether in football, gymnastics or dance are extremely important and every child will constantly and consistently develop their own personal PE skills from Nursery up to Year 6.


At Hadrian, our main objectives through the teaching of PE are:


  • To enable children to develop and improve basic PE skills through lessons aimed at basic skill teaching, which will develop pupil skills across a range of different sports.
  • Encourage children to take part in physical activity through our daily ‘Active in 5’ initiative, sporting competitions and events, as well as a wealth of curriculum and after school provision.
  • To always be inclusive, no matter what background, ability, age, religion and beliefs our pupils have.
  • Show children how to improve the quality and control of their performance.
  • Teach children to recognise and describe how their bodies feel during exercise.
  • Develop the children’s enjoyment of physical activity through creativity and imagination.
  • Develop an understanding in children of how to succeed in a range of physical activities and how to evaluate their own success.
  • Assess pupils learning, analyse and interpret the results to inform future planning and lessons.



At Hadrian, we believe that children should be given as many opportunities as possible to enhance their basic skills in PE and become healthier and more physically active. Through staff training and CPD, staff are able to access specialist sports development time to observe specialist coaching in PE lessons, which improves knowledge and understanding how to teach key basic skills in a variety of different subjects as well as overall staff confidence. The PE co-ordinator also completes training and then shares ideas and resources with other staff members through links with the Youth Sports Trust (YST) and the partnership with South Tyneside sport.


At Hadrian, we follow a skills progression framework, where children develop and improve basic skills in PE lessons from Nursery to Year 6. This ensures children have the relevant skills necessary when they leave Hadrian and move onto secondary education. The progression framework is used in relation with a scheme of work, in which children build on the previous years’ skills. This allows children to become not only more familiar with basic skills in a range of different sports, but they become more advanced and are able to challenge themselves when attempting different types of sports and physical activities.

The continuation of links with local sports clubs and organisations, allows us at Hadrian to cater for a range of different sports, for a range of different ages, abilities and backgrounds. We understand that PE lends itself to many other subjects across the curriculum and can help pupil progress through maths and English with our ‘Active in 5’ daily physical activity, active starters and lessons based around incorporating small bursts of physical activity. We are constantly providing many opportunities for children to access sport, through School sports games competitions, lunchtime and after school club, as well as community links with South Shields FC Foundation, Harton and Westoe rugby club, swimming at Haven point, Foundation of Light, Boldon LTC, Sportsworks, Thurston and the Newcastle Eagles. Our links with South Shields FC foundation have allowed the children to participate in PE based sessions with a cross-curricular focus on maths, phonics, fine motor skills and basic movements and PSHE and these are sessions delivered by professional coaches across all year groups.


To achieve our main objectives at Hadrian we will:


  • Take advantage of cross-curricular links to develop and improve levels of pupil progress in a range of different curriculum subjects,
  • Develop pupil’s basic PE skills, knowledge and understanding, confidence and active levels by continuing to provide curriculum, lunchtime and after school sports provision.
  • Encourage children to participate in after school sports clubs, join local sporting clubs and organisations and encourage children to do at least 60 minutes activity daily.
  • Continue to provide curriculum, lunchtime and after school sports provision, with an emphasis on making a variety of different clubs and sports available for all pupils in all year groups.
  • Maintain links with local sports clubs and organisation as well as the continuation to provide opportunities for children to compete against other schools in the area through the South Tyneside school games partnership.
  • Use the schemes of work and resources available to further enhance staff understanding and confidence when teaching PE, as well as, allowing children to fully benefit from skills taught in PE lessons.
  • Ensure resources are relevant and up to date and any new information or resource are continually shared among other staff members to support pupil learning.
  • Provide sports provision for EYS, KS1 and KS2 children and develop their basic skills as well as their health, fitness and overall physical activity levels.



Our PE curriculum is very high quality, well thought out and is carefully planned to demonstrate progression through a range of sports. The percentage of children taking part in curriculum based sports provision as well as lunchtime and after school sports clubs has increased by 50%. This increase has allowed children the opportunity to experience a variety of different sports, increase enjoyment in PE and sport lessons and develop the necessary skills to take them to the next stage in their own personal development.


Furthermore, we measure and evidence the impact of our curriculum by:


  • Observing, monitoring and evidencing on Seesaw, to show what all children from each key stage and year group are achieving and if children are achieving the expected standard in PE.
  • Pupil discussions about why PE is important in everyday life and why we need to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily and how it helps our body and mind.
  • Termly observations that are carried out by the subject co-ordinator, to assess children’s progress and to suggest areas for development for staff to the overall teaching of PE skills in all PE lessons.
  • Observing how children are responsible, competent and confident when applying the PE skills they have acquired and demonstrating these skills not only in lessons, but in daily life.


By the end of Year 6, children should have a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding of the basic skills required in a range of different sports. Children should be more physically active and be able to transfer their skills into secondary education and prepare themselves for the future. Children will leave Hadrian prepared for their future education.





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