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May half term begins at the end of the school day on Thursday 23rd May. School is closed on Friday 24th May for Inservice. Children return to school on Monday 3rd June.
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Hadrian Primary School

"Pupils enjoy coming to school everyday, they are highly motivated and leaders and teachers are enthusiastic about providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils" Ofsted 2022

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Basic Skills

Basic Skills



‘Quality Mark is an internationally acknowledged accreditation supporting and recognising improving standards in the provision, practice and performance of English and mathematics, and providing evidence of high-quality education.’



At Hadrian Primary school we believe that the acquisition of basic skills is the foundation of all learning. We aim to provide a curriculum which is broad and balanced with an emphasis on the basic skills which is intrinsic to every aspect of the curriculum and everyday life.


We have achieved the Quality Mark in Basic Skills which supports us in:

  1. Achieving and embedding a consistent approach to quality improvement across the school, starting from Nursery through to Year 6. 
  2. Improving pupil outcomes in English and Mathematics by providing the framework and guidance to support continuous improvement and ensure English and mathematics priorities are being addressed in school. 


All staff share this responsibility and plan their lessons to ensure that support staff, governors and parents also work towards this aim. We are committed to ensuring that every child who attends Hadrian Primary School, no matter what their academic ability, has high expectations set for them. 


Using the basic skills Road Maps, all pupils have 6 key progression points they aim to meet throughout the year for Writing, Reading and Maths. These points are set for each pupil with the expectation that all children should progress along the Road Map. Children are able to see the progression towards these points within their feedback across the curriculum using stamps - ensuring their targets are at the forefront of their learning and embedded in everything they do.


Children from Year 1 to Year 6 are given the opportunity on a daily basis during 'Reflection Time' to build upon the basic skills for their age range, using these discrete daily sessions for English and Maths, and applying them into every aspect of their education. 


'The Quality Mark aims to focus leaders to undertake effective self-evaluation and continuous improvement for English and mathematics, which drives better outcomes for pupils, their families and society.'