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Parents Evening Monday 7th February
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Hadrian Primary School

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Spring term1 - continuation of Light.

This week the children were challenged to find the best material to use in a baby’s bedroom to prevent them from waking early when the sun shines in the room. We discussed what opaque, transparent and translucent means and how shadows are formed by an absence of light.

The children identified the material which made the darkest shadow.

Our science topic this half term is light. During the first lesson children sorted some objects which provide light and some which don’t. They were amazed to find out that the moon does not produce its own light. They know that dark is the absence of light.
This week they 
have used feely bags to try to identify some everyday objects without using their sense of sight. They realised that it was much harder to identify the objects just using their sense of touch.

Our science topic this half term is Animals including humans. We have found out that humans need 7 different nutrients to ensure they grow well and are healthy and strong. The children worked in groups to match the nutrients with their job and the foods which are high in that nutrient. 


This week Class 6 has been learning about eating a well-balanced diet. They discussed foods which they should eat often, foods they should eat sometimes, and foods they should eat as a treat. They used the various foods on their tables to create their own balanced meal.

Creating well-balanced meals.

In science the children have been learning about skeletons. They know that there are 3 types of skeleton; endoskeleton, exoskeleton and hydrostatic skeleton. They have also looked at the common names for the bones in the human skeleton. With support, they labelled our school skeleton (Fred). Finally in groups they assembled their own skeleton and labelled the main bones.