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KS2 Summer Disco Wednesday 17th July 4.30pm - 6.00pm
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Hadrian Primary School

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Sports Development


 During the Autumn Term we worked with Tom and Amy from Active Future.

Stretching our leg muscles.

Racing using change of speed.

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The children had to walk quickly to the cone then run as fast as they could.

Racing in teams ( changing speed or direction).

Stretching arm muscles

Hit the hoop.

The children worked in pairs to try to get their beanbag in the hoop as many times as possible. If they got the beanbag in the hoop they had to move back and throw from a further distance. The winner was the person who got furthest away.

Rock, paper, scissors showdown.

Stretching our hamstrings.

More stretching.

Balancing skills.

Spring half term - this half term Class 6 are working on their gymnastic skills. We will be working with Tom from Active Futures.

Warm-up game.

Practicing their jumping skills - taking off and landing in different ways.

The children played a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot. They had to jump carefully into each hoop or over the hurdles until they meet another child from the opposing team. They they battled it out using Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whoever won the battle then moved on to take a piece of the other teams treasure. The team with the most treasure won the game.

Gymnastics using the hula hoops.

In the Summer term we have created some dances and we will be doing OAA activities.

Spring term 2 - Dance

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This half term we have been looking to improve our dance moves. The children had great fun dancing along to the classic song Singing in the Rain.