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Easter holidays run from the end of the school day Thursday 28th March, with children returning to school for the summer term on Monday 15th April.
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Hadrian Primary School

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Hi! This is Seth, Fahima, Izzy and Gratzi. We have taken over the Art page for Class 9 for the rest of the year. It's up to us to keep you all updated about our adventures in Art through both photos and blogging. 


We are a very creative class so we'll be sharing some fabulous work!

Soap Sculptures

Designing Coats of Arms for our four houses: Alnwick, Bamburgh, Durham and Hylton.

Happy New Year from the Class 9 Art Bloggers. Before Christmas, Mrs Giles taught us some Origami which was really fun. However, Alishah took her love of Origami one step further and has been producing the most amazing birds! 

Well done Alishah. 

Alishah's Paper Birds

Keith Haring inspired work

Draft work for Keith Haring project

Hi it’s Seth, Fahima and Gratzi. This term in art, we been learning about positive and negative spaces.

It was fascinating seeing that when you change where you colour, it makes the pictures completely different.

We've also been practising line drawing and experimenting with different lines, shading and shapes. 


Hi Izzy here! Today in Art we drew 3D square holes with Miss Anna Lou.

We had great fun tricking our minds to seeing a hole!

Year 5 have begun their art project based around the work of Keith Haring.