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Gardening club

Gardening Club 2019 - 2020

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During the Summer holidays the plants had a growth spurt! The apple and pear trees have produced some fabulous fruit. The blackberry brambles are full of delicious blackberries. The kale, cabbages and broccoli that last year's class planted have started to grow and we have some pumpkins which will hopefully be ready for Halloween. 

Cupcakes with blackberry frosting.

Cupcakes with blackberry frosting. 1
Cupcakes with blackberry frosting. 2
Cupcakes with blackberry frosting. 3
Cupcakes with blackberry frosting. 4
Cupcakes with blackberry frosting. 5
Cupcakes with blackberry frosting. 6
Cupcakes with blackberry frosting. 7
This week some of the children made some delicious cupcakes with blackberry frosting. We used the blackberries growing on the brambles in the garden to make a beautiful purple frosting. All of the children enjoyed tasting the cakes.

Feeding the birds.

Feeding the birds. 1

Weeding and planting

Weeding and planting 1
Weeding and planting 2
Weeding and planting 3
The children worked hard to clear some of the raised beds of the copious weeds. We cleared one bed completely so the children could plant some onions which will, hopefully, be harvested next year.


Watering 1
Watering 2
Watering 3
Watering 4
Watering 5
Watering 6

Gardening Club 2018-2019

Year 3 have enjoyed their first gardening afternoon.

After a break from gardening during the winter we returned to find the vegetable beds covered in pesky weeds. First job of the afternoon was to begin to tackle this problem. With a group of children from Class 6 on the case we have made a start.

Tackling the weeds!

Tackling the weeds! 1
Tackling the weeds! 2
Tackling the weeds! 3

Rhubarb crumble

Rhubarb crumble 1
Rhubarb crumble 2
Rhubarb crumble 3
Rhubarb crumble 4
Rhubarb crumble 5
Rhubarb crumble 6
Rhubarb crumble 7
Rhubarb crumble 8
Rhubarb crumble 9
Rhubarb crumble 10
Another group of children became chefs for the afternoon. They harvested some of the rhubarb grown in the garden to make a delicious rhubarb crumble. They washed, chopped and mixed the various ingredients. The children then served small portions to the rest of the class. There was a mixture of opinions on the taste of the rhubarb although the majority of children enjoyed the crumble topping.

Feeding the birds.

The last group of children made a delicious feast for our local birds. They hung their completed bird feeders in the trees around the school field.

Gardening week 2. 

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain, we had to spend this session mostly in the classroom. This week some children made biodegradable newspaper pots. Using soil from the garden we filled the pots and planted some beetroot seeds which will hopefully grow over the Summer.

Making newspaper pots.

Making newspaper pots. 1
Making newspaper pots. 2
Making newspaper pots. 3
Making newspaper pots. 4

Finding some friendly worms.

Finding some friendly worms. 1
Finding some friendly worms. 2

Leek and potato soup!

Leek and potato soup! 1
Leek and potato soup! 2
Leek and potato soup! 3
Leek and potato soup! 4
Leek and potato soup! 5
Leek and potato soup! 6
Leek and potato soup! 7
Leek and potato soup! 8
Some brave children did venture out in the pouring rain to harvest some leeks for our leek and potato soup. The soup was a great success, with most of the children asking for seconds and thirds!

Week 3 - Rosemary and onion potatoes.

This week the children used the rosemary growing in the garden and the onions we harvested previously to make a delicious potato dish. The food was a rated 'delicious' by most of the children.

Looking after the birds.

Looking after the birds. 1
Looking after the birds. 2
Looking after the birds. 3
Looking after the birds. 4
Looking after the birds. 5
Looking after the birds. 6
Looking after the birds. 7
Some children used lard, bird seed and raisins to make bird feeders. Once the feeders were cooled they hung them in the trees for the birds to enjoy.

Still working on the weeds!

Still working on the weeds! 1
Still working on the weeds! 2
Still working on the weeds! 3
Still working on the weeds! 4
The children have been working hard to get rid of all the weeds which appeared during the Spring term. We now have one bed which is ready for our seedlings which, weather permitting, we will plant out next week.

Creepy crawlies.

Creepy crawlies. 1
Creepy crawlies. 2
The children are enjoying getting to know the local wildlife. We discussed how ladybirds are useful in the garden as they eat the aphids which can cause damage to our plants.

Week 4 Ice cream with raspberry sauce.

This week we harvested some of the ripe raspberries to make a sweet, juicy raspberry sauce. We ate this drizzled over some vanilla ice cream. Delicious! When they had finished the children had to wash and dry their own bowl and cutlery. Well done Class 6.


Planting! 1
Planting! 2
Planting! 3
Planting! 4
Planting! 5
Planting! 6
Planting! 7
Planting! 8
Planting! 9
Planting! 10
Planting! 11
After a little more weeding we eventually planted some seedlings. We planted some pumpkin seedlings and some cabbage. These will hopefully be ready to harvest in the Autumn term.