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Spring Term 2021

Please make sure you keep a copy of our weekly timetable somewhere safe; why not print it out and stick it up on the fridge or on your wall in your room.


Some added information about our timetable 

Our timetable has been designed to try and be both flexible, fun and forthcoming. It aims to support you with the key aims of the curriculum and make sure that your mental health and well being are looked after too. 


For the next 3 weeks, our English lessons will be delivered live via Mrs C. on YouTube at 09:45am. Apart from a Friday which will be a slightly delayed start due to our whole school assembly at 10am. 


Mrs Giles will deliver daily live Maths lessons at 1pm via Google Meet.

At times she may contact you to arrange a small group Google Meet to do some intervention work. 







Active in 5 





Foundation Subjects

To make your learning even better, Mrs Giles has decided to allow you to choose your foundation subject for each afternoon - please refer to Oak Academy for lessons. She would like to see you doing some subjects you enjoy, maybe cooking with your family, a touch of gardening (not in the snow of course) or some fitness with the family. Just make sure that whatever you do, you are uploading some evidence to show what you have accomplished. 


You are now only expected to complete one foundation subject per afternoon to allow you time to complete English and maths and not over tire yourself. 


Friday Afternoons

We will meet as a class @1pm on Friday afternoons to take part in our Every Mind Matters sessions. These will involve lots of lovely activities and even some socialising with friends alongside Mrs Giles having chatroom/Google Meet sessions with small groups. This will be a lovely end to our week together. 



Assembly will be via Google Meet each Friday at 10am. Look out for the link coming through on your Classroom stream. This link will change each week.


Afternoon Breaks

Check out the exciting challenges for your afternoon breaks. Mrs Giles would love to see some videos - especially the Karaoke sessions. Please find below all the links you will need for each challenge