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Children return to school after the summer break on Tuesday 3rd September
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Hadrian Primary School

"Pupils enjoy coming to school everyday, they are highly motivated and leaders and teachers are enthusiastic about providing an ambitious curriculum for all pupils" Ofsted 2022

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Reading in Class 9 


Daily reading in class for Year 4/5 is incredibly important for the growth of young minds. Reading helps improve vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. By engaging with various texts regularly, students develop a love for learning and expand their knowledge across different subjects. It also enhances their communication skills and boosts confidence. Through daily reading, children not only discover new worlds but also build a strong foundation for future academic success. Encouraging this habit fosters a lifelong love of reading, opening doors to a world of possibilities for these young learners.




Handwriting is a crucial skill for Year 4/5 students as it helps them express their thoughts on paper with clarity. Writing neatly by hand enhances communication and comprehension, making it easier for teachers to understand their ideas. Moreover, practicing good handwriting fosters discipline and patience, essential qualities for academic success. As students develop strong handwriting habits, they also improve fine motor skills, which are beneficial for various activities in and outside the classroom. Encouraging neat and legible handwriting in class not only supports academic progress but also lays a foundation for effective communication throughout life.


Embark on a journey of imagination and expression with our English creative writing lessons for Year 4/5! In these engaging classes, students discover the joy of storytelling and enhance their language skills through fun activities. From crafting exciting adventures to exploring colorful characters, our lessons foster creativity and build confidence in young writers. Join us as we explore the world of words together, unlocking the magic of storytelling in a supportive and enjoyable classroom environment. Let your child's imagination soar as they develop essential language arts skills in our English creative writing classes!