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School will reopen for Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 children as well as priority group children, from Monday 8th June. Please see the parent section of our website and then the Coronavirus section for information
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Hadrian Primary School

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Y1/2 Miss Wilkinson

Welcome to Class 4!

We are a Year 1/2 mixed class taught by Miss Wilkinson and supported by Miss Bonar.


The school day

In Year 1 and 2 our focus is early reading and writing skills. The children start the day with a short phonics session, learning new sounds and recapping previous ones to ensure fluency.

We then move onto a formal English input focusing on reading and writing basic skills. After assembly and break time, the children return for a formal maths input.

In the afternoon we cover foundation subjects. These include Science, Computing, History, Geography, Art, R.E., PSHE and D&T.



Tuesday is Class 4's P.E. day. Please ensure children have a P.E. kit to leave in school in case this changes. This consists of a white t shirt, blue shorts, and a pair of plimsoles. Please also ensure no jewellery or earrings are worn on this day.


Reading books

Children will be read with individually as often as possible (minimum once per week), so please ensure reading books are brought in daily.



Homework is sent home on a Thursday evening and is to be returned by the following Tuesday. Homework will always relate to the topic or area of learning children have been covering that week. Your help and support with homework is greatly appreciated.


Summer term 

This term in Class 4 our topics are:

Geography - Wonderful World

History - The Seaside

D&T - Playgrounds

R.E. - The church and Christian buildings and the Muslim faith

Art - Joan Miro

Science - Seasonal change and Plants

Music - The Friendship Song

Computing - E-safety & Computer skills


Autumn Term

Multiskills in P.E.

Multiskills in P.E. 1
Multiskills in P.E. 2
Multiskills in P.E. 3
Multiskills in P.E. 4

Sculpting with bread dough in Art.

Sculpting with bread dough in Art. 1
Sculpting with bread dough in Art. 2
Sculpting with bread dough in Art. 3
We used bread dough to sculpt a smaller version of our hands. It was very intricate work!

Superhero Training Day!

Superhero Training Day! 1
In English, we have been reading stories about superheroes! On the last day of this topic, we had a special day where we made our own superhero costumes and took part in some superhero training activities.

Children in Need 2018

Infant Christmas Party!

Infant Christmas Party! 1
Infant Christmas Party! 2
Infant Christmas Party! 3
Infant Christmas Party! 4
Infant Christmas Party! 5
Infant Christmas Party! 6
Infant Christmas Party! 7
Infant Christmas Party! 8
Infant Christmas Party! 9
Infant Christmas Party! 10
Infant Christmas Party! 11
Infant Christmas Party! 12
Infant Christmas Party! 13
Infant Christmas Party! 14
Infant Christmas Party! 15
Infant Christmas Party! 16

All aboard the Polar Express!

We have been reading 'The Polar Express' as part of our Christmas literacy topic. We all came to school in our pyjamas, sat on the train with our ticket and a hot chocolate, and listened to the story. We then completed lots of Christmas crafts throughout the morning, before settling down to watch the movie in the afternoon.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 1

Spring Term

Poetry @ The Word

Poetry @ The Word 1
Poetry @ The Word 2
Poetry @ The Word 3
Poetry @ The Word 4
Poetry @ The Word 5
Poetry @ The Word 6
Poetry @ The Word 7
Poetry @ The Word 8
Poetry @ The Word 9
Poetry @ The Word 10
Poetry @ The Word 11
Poetry @ The Word 12
Our first trip of the Spring term was to The Word in South Shields. We took part in a poetry workshop, where we were able to experiment with rhythms, clapping games, and learning a part of a poem to perform to the rest of the class.

Mindful Art with Anna-Lou


Yoga! 1
Yoga! 2
Yoga! 3
Yoga! 4
Yoga! 5
Yoga! 6
Yoga! 7
Yoga! 8
Yoga! 9
This term in P.E. our topic is Yoga. We love to perform different balances, but also to make sure they are controlled and calm. Here some of us are playing the mirror game.

Road Safety

Road Safety 1
Road Safety 2
Road Safety 3
Road Safety 4
Road Safety 5
Road Safety 6
Road Safety 7
Road Safety 8
We have been learning how to keep safe when crossing the road. We know it is important to hold hands, look and listen carefully. We also had a practise using the pelican crossing signals, waiting for the green man, and with a little help from a lollipop lady!

Science Workshop

Science Workshop 1
Science Workshop 2
Science Workshop 3
Science Workshop 4
Science Workshop 5

Chinese New Year artwork

For Chinese New Year we have made banners. We learned how to write our name using chinese symbols, and painted them onto our banner carefully. They look great!

Valentine's Day cards

Valentine's Day cards 1
Valentine's Day cards 2
Valentine's Day cards 3

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1

Active Maths!

Active Maths! 1
Active Maths! 2
Active Maths! 3
Active Maths! 4
Active Maths! 5
Active Maths! 6

Science Club

Science Club 1
Science Club 2
In science club this week we watched as fizzy pop turned into a volcano! We predicted which bottle we thought would make the biggest volcano before carefully putting in the mentos. We had to stand well back!

Red Nose Day 2019 - Football vs the teachers!

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight 1
Fairtrade Fortnight 2
Fairtrade Fortnight 3
Fairtrade Fortnight 4
Fairtrade Fortnight 5
Fairtrade Fortnight 6
Fairtrade Fortnight 7
Fairtrade Fortnight 8
Fairtrade Fortnight 9
Fairtrade Fortnight 10
Fairtrade Fortnight 11
Fairtrade Fortnight 12


Gymnastics 1
Gymnastics 2
Gymnastics 3
Gymnastics 4
Gymnastics 5
Gymnastics 6

Investigating capacity by making potions

Investigating capacity by making potions 1
Investigating capacity by making potions 2
Investigating capacity by making potions 3
Investigating capacity by making potions 4
Investigating capacity by making potions 5
Investigating capacity by making potions 6
Investigating capacity by making potions 7
Investigating capacity by making potions 8
Superworm needed our help this week. He was trapped by the evil Wizard Lizard and needed us to make a potion to save him. We had to measure the ingredients carefully and pour them into a container, then we had to hold them up to show Wizard Lizard, before he finally set Superworm free!

Teddy Day!

Teddy Day! 1
As a class, we reached a huge total of 1,000 dojo points. As a reward, we chose to bring our teddies into school for the day. They sat with us and watched us work, then in the afternoon we had a teddy bear's picnic! Yum!


Yoga 1
Yoga 2
Yoga 3
Yoga 4
Yoga 5
Yoga 6
Yoga 7
Yoga 8

Easter Egg Competition Entries 2019

Easter Egg Competition Entries 2019 1

Summer Term

Learning how to divide in maths

Learning how to divide in maths 1
Learning how to divide in maths 2
Learning how to divide in maths 3
Learning how to divide in maths 4

Making our own bar charts

Making our own bar charts 1
Making our own bar charts 2
Making our own bar charts 3
We used post-it notes to represent each square on a bar chart. We then answered questions like: 'Who is in Year 1 and who is in year 2?' 'Who has a brother?' and 'Who has a pet cat?' and plotted the results as a group on the axis.

Creating a map using the settings of a story

Creating a map using the settings of a story 1
Creating a map using the settings of a story 2
Creating a map using the settings of a story 3
Creating a map using the settings of a story 4
Creating a map using the settings of a story 5
Creating a map using the settings of a story 6

Spring walk

Spring walk 1
Spring walk 2
Spring walk 3
Spring walk 4
Spring walk 5
As part of our Science lesson this week, we went on a Spring walk around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We found lots of signs of Spring, such as sunshine, warm temperature, dandelions, daisies and ladybirds.


Making a roto-copter in Science Club

Making a roto-copter in Science Club 1
This week in Science Club we made roto-copters using card and a paper clip. We had to cut the card carefully and fold in the correct place, then attach the paperclip to give it some weight. When you throw the roto-copter up into the air it falls down like a sycamore seed, spinning until it hits the ground. It was the perfect windy day for it!