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Autumn term 2 ends at the end of the school day Friday 20th December
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Animals including humans.

Animals including humans. 1
The children worked together to sort the foods into the most appropriate nutrient type. 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Class 6 understood that all animals including humans can be dividing into those which have backbones (vertebrates) and those which do not (invertebrates).
Picture 1
We then grouped the animals according to which type of skeleton they have. An endoskeleton is a hardened internal skeleton. An exoskeleton is a hard external framework. A hydrostatic skeleton, or hydroskeleton, is a kind of skeleton that is composed of soft tissue filled with an incompressible fluid or gel-like substance.
Picture 1
The children identified the main bones which form the human skeleton. 

Labelled skeleton

Labelled skeleton 1
The children labelled the skeleton using both the common bone names and the scientific bone names.

Making their own skeleton.

Making their own skeleton. 1
Making their own skeleton. 2
Making their own skeleton. 3
Making their own skeleton. 4