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Have a great summer! Children return to school on Tuesday 5th September. We look forward to seeing you then!
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Hadrian Primary School

"An outstanding school where children make excellent progress" Ofsted

Year 5 Mrs Stewart


Welcome to class 10. In year 5 we will be working very hard throughout the year to consolidate all of our previous learning, push ourselves to reach our goals and targets and to prepare ourselves for an important year next year!  Each morning we will start with literacy based activities such as spellings, speed writing, handwriting, SPAG or guided reading followed by literacy and maths lessons. Afternoons will begin with maths based activities followed by topic lessons.


Our PE day this term is Tuesday. PE for autumn will be basketball. Remember to bring in your PE kit at the beginning of each week and it must be taken home weekly to be washed. All earrings need to be covered or taken out for PE lessons.


Our Autumn term topics are:

  • History: Victoria
  • Science: Earth and Space
  • RE: What is the 5th Pillar of Islam?
  • Geography: Europe
  • ART: Georgia O’Keeffee
  • D&T: Cookery linked with Gardening
  • Music: Singing (Harvest songs and Christmas production)
  • PSHE: New beginnings
  • French: Mon Anniversaire


Homework is given out on Thursdays. It must be returned no later than the following Tuesday.

Reading book

Children are asked to bring reading books into school every day. Children who bring in reading books everyday will have more opportunities to read in school and change their books.

Autumn update!

We have been working super hard in our first term in year 5 so here is an update of all the fun and exciting things we have been up to since September!


European Day of Languages

Each class was allocated a country to study for the whole day and our class had Italy! We researched famous Italian people, learned some commonly used vocabulary and best of all... we had an Italian Brunch! 


European day of languages

Fire Safety

We had a local firefighter come in to discuss fire safety with us and we even tried on her kit!


Every other week, we put our green fingers to use in our school garden where we worked in the orchard, herb garden and vegetable patch. We made lavender cookies, garlic bread and garlic and herb potatoes, yum!


Every Thursday we had a specialist music teacher come in to teach us Ukelele! We learned several cords and by the end of the term we could play lots of songs!

Show Racism the Red Card

We had a very informative day of workshops all about racism and how to deal with it if we encounter it, how to recognise what racism actually is and how attitudes about culture, religion, skin colour and language have changed over time.

Newcastle Eagles

We were lucky enough to have the Newcastle Eagles come in to do some coaching sessions with us to get us ready for a competition at Temple Park. Sadly we didn't win but we had a brilliant day!

Arbeia Art Project

We completed an art/dt project all about the Roman Cavalry horses and the armour they used to protect the horse's faces called 'chamferons'. We spent a day researching at the Roman Fort to gather ideas. We then worked in teams to make a horse's head out of paper mache. After that we used leather to create a chamferon and decorated it by embossing patterns onto copper plates. We made 6 in total and can't wait for them to be displayed over at the Roman Fort in the New Year! 

So that has been our Autumn term! We are looking forward to more exciting and hard work in January! Have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant New Year!


Mrs Stewart 

Spring update!


Here is an update of what our class has been up to during the Spring term! 

Number Day


We celebrated 'Number Day' on the 3rd of February by wearing green to support the NSPCC and by taking part in lots of fun practical maths tasks and activities!

Class assembly


Our class assembly was all about the Victorians as this was our Autumn history topic! We loved learning about the Victorians and our little performers loved sharing their new-found knowledge even more by teaching their peers, parents and staff all about Victorian life, acting out a small skit and singing a much loved song! 



As part of our DT unit, we made some gingerbread. It was quite tricky measuring out all the ingredients but luckily Mrs Knox and Miss Anderson were there to help us. Our gingerbread turned out slightly different than we designed but looked and tasted great!

Science Day at Harton


We were lucky enough to go to Harton to learn all about forces! We performed lots of experiments so that we could see and feel the effects of forces such as friction, air resistance, magnetism, gravity, upthrust and static electricity! 

Healthy Heart workshop


We were visited by Green Shift Education to learn all about the hearts in mammals, why our hearts are so important and the delicate structures that make up our own hearts. We took our pulses before and after exercise to compare our pulse rates and discuss how exercise affects our hearts. We were then given lamb's hearts to explore and dissect. We also discussed blood vessels and what can happen if fatty deposits build up inside them.

Healthy Hearts Workshop (2)


In this session, we focused on the importance of keeping our hearts healthy with exercise and nutritious food. We created healthy meal plans, sorted foods into their correct nutrition category, ordered some foods based on their nutrition content labels and made some delicious smoothies! We also had a very interesting discussion about the effects smoking can have on our heart and lungs.