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Junior Panto Wednesday 12th December Afternoon (under 5's allowed) 2.00pm, Evening 6.30pm (no under 5's allowed) Infant Nativity Friday 14th December 10.45am (under 5's allowed) and 2.00pm (no under 5's allowed)
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Hadrian Primary School

"An outstanding school where children make excellent progress" Ofsted


We are now an Apple Teacher School

We are now an Apple Teacher School 1

Spark Video App

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Here is one our poems written and performed by one of our fabulous Y6 children. We were learning about Muhhamad Ali and we were inspired by his beliefs of freedom. We then tweeted this video to Muhammad Ali's daughter and she replied thanking us for our lovely work. We hope you enjoy it.
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From September 2014 the subject ICT changed to Computing across the country. Children learn basic computer science and programming alongside IT skills and how to be safe and literate in an ever changing technological world.


At Hadrian Primary School we value the contribution that technology can make for the benefit of all our pupils.  We provide an ICT rich environment from Nursery to Year 6 including use of our computer suite, laptops, programmable toys, IPad's, interactive whiteboards, C-Touch screens and our own filming equipment.

Hadrian Primary School ICT Vision


At Hadrian Primary School we value the contribution that ICT can make for the benefit of all pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider community.  Our aim is to provide an ICT rich environment which allows pupils to gain the confidence and ability to prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.

We have 3 aims that underpin our vision:

  • To develop the Computing skills of everyone in school so they are confident, safe and independent.
  • To provide interactive learning for adults and children through a range of current technologies.
  • To encourage independent learning for life.


ICT Strategy


To achieve our 3 aims we will:


  • Use ICT where appropriate to motivate and inspire pupils and raise standards across the curriculum.


  • Develop pupil’s computing skills, knowledge, understanding and capability through taught Computing lessons and to provide varied opportunities for pupils to apply and consolidate their computing capability across all curriculum contexts.


  • Assess ICT systematically with a focus on pupil’s skills and future targets.


  • Encourage learning out of school hours and promote links with parents and the wider community.


  • Use ICT to support all pupils to ensure they are able to reach their full potential, regardless of gender, disability or ethnicity.


  • Make children aware of inappropriate use of ICT and how to use it safely and responsibly.


  • Take responsibility as staff for our own continuing professional development in the Computing curriculum and ICT.


  • Ensure our ICT resources are up to date, easily accessible and sustainable.
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Do you want to start programming at home?


These free apps are great for tablets

smiley Kodable

smiley Daisy the Dinosaur

smiley Cato's Hike

smiley Scratch JR (a start to programming for our Infant children)


If you have a computer or laptop with internet access you can get a free download of the programming software Scratch that we will be using in school at

Highly addictive! Watch out Bill Gates!





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Other APPs to use


  • Plickers
  • Kahoot!
  • Hit the Button
  • Times Table Rock Stars
  • Spark Video

Remember to stay safe online!

Remember to stay safe online! 1

We love using our iPads and apps. Here are somethings we have created using them.

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Here we have news reports from Year 6 about the famous sinking of the Titanic.
Picture 1 Coding in class 8
Picture 2 Coding in class 8
Picture 3 Coding in class 8
Picture 4 Coding in class 8
Picture 5 Coding in class 8