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Christmas Fayre - Thursday 7th December 3.40pm
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Hadrian Primary School

"An outstanding school where children make excellent progress" Ofsted

Reception Mrs Donnelly

Welcome to Class 2!


Class 2 is a Reception class, Mrs Donnelly is the teacher and Mrs Waters, Mrs Noble and Miss Boner are the teaching assistants. We work closely with Miss Barr and Class 3.


Our Day:

We start the day with Phonics (learning sounds) to help the children with their reading and writing.

After phonics it's planning time where the children choose where they would like to learn. They can choose from a range of learning areas both indoors and outdoors, such as writing, creative, construction, role play and number. Activities in these areas are based on objectives for the term and the children's interests.

After a run around outside, we have a short Write Dance session focusing on large and small motor skills.

We finish the morning with focused Literacy and Maths activities, children working one to one or in a small group with an teacher. 

In the afternoon we start with an active numeracy session. We then continue with more planning and small group work covering a range of curriculum areas. We finish the day with basic skills activities and guided reading sessions.


Our Week:

Monday at 3pm is an opportunity for parents to visit the school library with their children and choose a book to take home for the week. On Friday the whole class go to the library to choose a new book. Please ensure your child has returned their library book before then so it can be changed.

Wednesday is PE day. Please ensure your child has a PE kit to leave in school for the full half term. Their PE should include a white t-shirt, blue shorts and a pair of plimsoles. All PE kit needs to have their name in. Please remove all earrings for that day.


Autumn Term Topics:

  • Autumn and new beginnings

  • Harvest

  • Seasonal changes in their environment

  • Christmas and celebrations

  • Children’s interests

Literacy Focus:

  • Speaking and listening skills

  • Rhyming

  • Letter recognition focusing on initial sounds

  • Writing confidence focusing on name writing and pencil hold


Numeracy Focus:

  • Counting and number recognition to 10 and 20

  • Number games rhymes and songs

  • Simple calculations involving one more and one less

  • 2D shapes

  • Positional language

  • Number formation