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Hadrian Primary School

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Annual Statement of issues faced and addressed by the governing body

Hadrian Primary School 2016-2017     

Annual statement of issues faced and addressed by the governing body






  • Reconstitution of governing body
  • Carry out full review of the governing body, reflecting on the changing needs and roles required
  • Subcommittee review and full governing body agreement
  • Full governing body Jan – July 2017
  • Governing body successfully reconstituted
  • Budget setting, monitoring and review
  • To agree a set budget and monitor it on a termly basis to ensure sound financial management
  • Budget set by HT & budget subcommittee, then presented to and agreed by full governing body
  • Subcommittee and full governing body annually to set and termly monitoring - ongoing
  • Governors are satisfied that the school is meeting the requirements of the SFVS
  • Policy documentation review
  • To review school policies to ensure they meet the requirements of the school and meet most recent national recommendations where appropriate
  • Full governing body reviews policy documentation at termly meetings
  • Full governing body - ongoing
  • All school policies reflect up to date recommendations and developments and fit the needs of the school.
  • Review the school action plan
  • To carry out a review of the school action plan to ensure it meets the needs of the school
  • Full governing body will review and accept the school improvement plan for the academic year, ensuring it meets the key priorities of the school
  • Full governing body
  • The development plan is fit for purpose and addresses the key priorities of the school
  • Review standards and performance of the school
  • To review data and results and challenge the management on the performance of the school
  • The full governing body & the standards committee will receive and review the most recent data and results of the school
  • Standards committee & full governing body – September 2016
  • The governing body have a clear understanding of the performance of the school and are able to challenge where appropriate
  • Performance management
  • To carry out performance management programme of HT & DHT
  • Review and target setting made by performance management subcommittee and presented to and agreed by full governing body
  • Performance management subcommittee and full governing body - ongoing
  • Challenging targets set for HT & DHT which drive improvements in school
  • Review subject performance and implementation in school
  • Link governors to meet with co-ordinators, observe lessons and take part in learning walks linked to their designated area
  • Link governors meet with staff in school to find out about developments in their area of interest
  • All governors - ongoing
  • Governors are knowledgeable about their subject area and developments within the school
  • Review and upkeep of buildings and school site
  • Renew and replace the outdoor climbing equipment in the Nursery grounds
  • Actions presented by HT and agreed by full governing body
  • Full governing body – spring term 2017
  • Climbing equipment fit for purpose and it enhances play and learning